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What does a Data Engineering team do? Building big data intensive applications consists in permanently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A Data Engineering Team provides the building block of your company’s data strategy, allowing you to design consistent data architecture and fully capitalize on your data resources.

We focus on practical applications of data collection, transformation and validation needed for analysis, building the platforms that enable Data Scientists to develop AI models and do their magic.

Our Data Engineering team works with Python, Spark, Hive, MapR, AWS EMR, Dask, Airflow, PostgreSQL, ELK Stack, and is constantly assimilating new and emerging technologies.

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Our Data Engineering Services offer a holistic approach, helping our clients turn data into business value through:

  • Data Analytics and Quality Checks - prior to data ingestion, we perform quality checks such as data overlap, data duplicity or relative delta to discover inconsistencies and anomalies, perform cleansing activities and improve data quality
  • Data Transformation - prior to analysis, we change the shape and size of data and transform it into information by converting massive amounts of disparate data into a single and coherent format that can be integrated, stored, mined and analyzed
  • Data Migration - when faced with an outdated technology or one that is no longer a match, you need to ensure comprehensive data integrity. We migrate your data from one technology to another (ie from Apache HIVE to Apache Spark) in order to boost efficiency, reduce storage costs and improve ROI
  • Data Pipeline Design, Troubleshooting and Optimization - we create and maintain an automated process of multiple data streams either from static sources or from real-time sources, in order to provide end-to-end velocity by improving accuracy and combatting latency. We build pipelines with modern tools such as Apache Spark, capable to process your DWS into a single output ready for analysis and design easy-to use APISs to speed-up your data scientists
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